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  Interesting Resources: Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
 11njobs - Globalization Jobs
 Business Practices Discussion - a specialized newsgroup for the discussion of business practices in the translation / interpreting industry
 CzechEd Mailing List
 Compilation of Translation and Language - related mailing lists by Bernard Comrie and Michael Everson
 Freelance-Translators - all aspects of freelance translators activity.
 German Mailing List
  Langit - Italian translators Mailing List
 LANTRA-L Mailing List - for translators and interpreters
 LantraMug - Mailing List for Translators using Macs
 Linguistics Mailing Lists
 Payment Practices - a list where freelance translators exchange information and give warnings about payment practices of clients, mainly translation agencies. Very useful.
 Polish Translators Mailing List
 RusEnTran (English-Russian-English Translation) - A worldwide network for translators working in English > Russian and Russian > English pairs.
 RusLanTra (Russian Language Translators) - for translators dealing with the Russian language. Like Big Lantra this list contains a lot of noise, senseless chat and off-topic threads but it is still a useful Russian translation list.
 Russian Forum - a forum is to announce the translation contracts from English to Russian - quite useless.
 Sci.Lang.Translation Newsgroup and Sci.Lang.Translation FAQ
 SPtranslators - Spanish Translators Mailing List
 Translation Agency Payment - and one more list is for translators and interpreters to exchange information regarding payment by companies, particularly translation agencies.
 Translation News Mailing List
 Translator Finder - Translators and Translation Agencies
  Translators Cooperation Group (transcoop) - a discussion list for all translators who wish to cooperate with each other or discuss matters related to the translation and localization industry
 Translators Network - a worldwide network for freelance translators. Get more jobs, consult each other via e-mail to get help solving a particular problem. A forum where free-lance translators can network to cooperate and get more jobs
 Trans Payment - another payment practices list.
 University of Oregon -Yamada Language Center- Language-Related Mail lists.
 WordFast - a forum for sharing on WordFast - translation memory tool.
 World Payment Practices Free (WPPF) -another payment practices list for translators, to find out about agencies/employers/customers payment routines.
 Yahoo Translation Agencies Group

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