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  Resources: Translation Resources: Russian Translation
  Acadia Translations - Fast affordable and professional English / Russian translation and interpretation with three way conference calling.
  Accurate English to Russian translation service - Native, specialist Russian translators for businesses and individuals. Competitive rates, custom packages, friendly service, based in the UK.
  Accurate Russian Translations - Professional Russian translation to/from English and French in business, science and technology, creation of web-pages in Russian. Pavel Protopopov, Ph.D., professor, certified Russian translator.
  Altair Russian Translation Bureau - Russian translation from the major European languages in every field of translation, globalization and localization.
 English to Russian Phonetic Online Talking Dictionary - There are over 8,000 Russian words with sound and phonetic transcription.
 Esperanto-Rusa Vortaro - Esperanto-Russian dictionary
 ETS Publishing House - publishing and selling Russian-English dictionaries in book-printed form, on CDROMs and via FTP. Online free dictionaries. Languages: Russian>, English, German, Finnish, Latin, French, Swedish.
 Kovcheg Russian Books - features a wide selection of Russian books, textbooks for native English speakers, dictionaries, books on tapes, and more. Also in Russian
 Language Partners International, Inc. - foreign language localization and translation software for Spanish, French, Russian and many other languages using translation memory and automatic machine translation
 Lingvistica '98, Inc. - Free on-line translation. Development of computer-aided translation< and dictionaries.
 "MultiLex" English-Russian/Russian-English On-Line Dictionary - English and Russian. 250 000 entries, 2 300 000 English and Russian words. Best  for professionals.
 Multitran automatic dictionary - offers English-Russian and Russian-English alphabetic, morphologic and phrase searches. A number of additional morphology search engines is available online. They claim 3.220.000 terms in their English-Russian dictionary and 412.000 terms in the German-Russian dictionary (Feb. 2003). A list of on-line dictionaries is here.
 NATO-RUSSIA Military & Political Dictionary by Igor Sharshakov - Military and political terminology
 New in Russian Language - features a new weekly dictionary from ETS Publishing House, with new Russian words, usage with context and praxis, acronyms, abbreviation, proverbs etc.
 On-line Dictionary New abbreviations in Russian Language - online excerpts (PDF format) of New abbreviations in Russian Language 1996-1999 About 10,000 terms.
  Online Machine Translation Master - Russian, Ukrainian, English online translator.
 Russian Dictionary with Sounds and Images - pairing pictures of common objects with Cyrillic text and recordings of a native speaker pronouncing the words.
 Russian-English English-Russian Dictionaries - portal of links to online dictionaries
  Russian Linguist Agency - A team of qualified Russian to English and English to Russian translators specializing in Russian translation services.
Russian Translation Services -Russian translation and russian translation services are available from Alphabet. Visit for english russian translation from a russian translation agency.
  Russian Translation USA - Professional translation services in all major areas between the Russian and English languages.
  Russian Tender Words and Phrases - Alexander Korjev, Lilia Meighan - English - Russian phrasebook of Love. Read, hear and learn tender romantic Russian words and phrases. Express your feelings and emotions in Russian that will surprise and enrapture Russian heart
 Socrat -  a professional translating system that translates texts from English to Russian and Russian to English, automatically considering themes of text. Access is available only to Russia-On-Line registered users.
 Terminological Information System (TIS) - online version of the database used by terminologists and translators working in the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union.
 The Comprehensive Russian Computer Dictionary - (English-Russian   Russian-English) By Yury Avrutin è Paul Druker. Published by IEEE Computer Society Press Aug.1999. Is intended to be a reference for computer professionals, translators, students - anyone who works with computers using English and Russian languages. Online search form available.
 ToogEyes 3-D: Free Universal Language Translator  - free online universal language translator. Translates English, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish - offers translation software, keyboards, and CD-ROM language dictionaries for Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, and more. Also has listing of professional translators
 Vesna Dictionary - Free online searchable Belarusian /English /Polish /Russian /Ukrainian translating dictionary that you can help edit. Site also may have documents about Ukrainian literature and grammar, but they're all in Ukrainian. Site may have ads inappropriate for young Web surfers.
 Ukrainian Dictionary Online - free translation from Ukrainian to English
 Web of Online Dictionaries - a comprehensive and authoritative language community portal with every resource needed for language study and improvement in more than 200 languages.
   WebList! Russia - Dictionaries - Glossary portal leading to Russian Glossaries and Dictionaries.

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