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  Resources: Education and Work: Learn Russian Online
 AMBergh Education -  Learn Russian in Russia! Russian language studies in Russia and Ukraine.
 "Baikal-Lingua" Language & Travel Center - High-Quality Russian Language Courses for everybody from beginners to advanced. Low cost.
 Cosmopolitan International Language School - high quality Russian language and cultural study programs in Novosibirsk, Siberia.
 Educational Center "ProBa-56" - Teaching Russian Language to Foreigners since 1995.
 Grint Center for Education - a Moscow non-commercial educational institution offering high quality Russian Language and Russian Culture classes for foreigners at an affordable cost.
 Learn Russian in 1 day - Speak your first Russian sentences in minutes. Guaranteed. Online Demo.
 Learn Russian in St-Petersburg - Learning Russian in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
 Liden & Denz Russian Language School - provides the following Russian language courses in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia: Russian language lessons for individuals and groups, summer study abroad programs, and business Russian. - Russian language lessons, dictionaries, alphabet, pronunciation, grammar. For both novice and advanced students of Russian. Supported by Russian language tutors.
 Professional Russian Language Center of Derzhavin Institute - offers interesting and highly organized all-year-round training and cultural programs. It can be a summer course of Russian language for those who would like to combine vacation and study, a course of Russian language for business people, or a whole academic year of studies in Russia.
 Russian & English Language School - Learn Russian in St. Petersburg.
 Russian in Russia - Russian Language School in Russia - Center for Russian Language and Culture. Russian language classes with flexible study program. Five levels of language programs. On-line program. - studying Russian language in Russia or the Ukraine is the most efficient way to learn Russian.
 Russian Language - summer course - St. Petersburg - organizes a “Russian-Language-Summer” program: your completely organized stay in St. Petersburg, including Russian language courses.
 Russian Studies Centre - Russian for children
 State Pushkin Institute of Russian Language - the principle specialized center in Russia for teaching Russian as a foreign language.
 Study - Russian language courses and studies in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Odessa.
 Study Russian in Russia - Explore the mysteries of Russian culture by studying Russian in Russia with Language Link.
 The Online Russian Language Center - offers its educational resources on learning Russian as a foreign language. Here you can find free or fee-based services for all levels of students who want to master Russian independently.

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