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 B2B Traduction -  English French translation resource centre. - community Portal for the Celtic Countries - free ESL board
 Foreignword Forums -  Dictionaries on the web; Translations; Meanings; Software tools; Machine translation; Translation memories; Technical issues.
 Forum for Language, Translation and Technology  - forum for Language, Translation and Technology
 Free Dictionaries Project - all free dictionaries project forum
 Free Translation Forum - Free Translation Forum and free text translation exchange
 Free Translation Forum - Exchange translations in leu of voluntary work.
 iNFO Wizards - reciprocal links exchange
 International Student Message Boards
 LANTRA-L Translation and Interpretation - translation and interpretation
 LokaNova et Freelang
 Nightcrawler's Message Board
 Proz - The Translation Workplace
 The Translation Job Club
 Translation Town - language translation service: Forum for translators
 Translatortips translator forums -  General Translation Business Issues, Marketing, Conference Interpreters, Agency Inner Workings, Translation Jokes, Translation Requests
 Ultimate Bulletin Board
 Voila Traduction Discussion Forum
 Word2Word Forum
 Works MT - discussion forums.
 Yahoo Groups
 Young Forum

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